Geographic Information Systems

Our GIS team works on a wide array of applications, from general map production to server-based map deployment. Both open source and ESRI ArcGIS server-based products are currently being produced for customers and are built to specifications of each and every customer.

Mobile Web GIS

Using our in-house mobile app solution, the same information we develop to view through a web browser can be viewed on any modern portable device, including Android, iPhone and Windows Phone. This connectivity allows for seamless transitions from office to field, field to office. If you make a change, it is instantly displayed in the field, and vice-versa.

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We also offer a migration path for clients that are currently looking to upgrade their ArcGIS Viewer for Flex solutions. Flash is a technology that has become unsupported in many browsers.
We have developed an application that has allowed our clients to quickly migrate their ArcGIS Viewer for Flex application to a HTML5 application, using an automated workflow which requires little configuration and time.

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We also offer 3D GIS solutions for our clients. 3D visualization offers some compelling benefits for utilities and energy companies. In 2D maps important vertical information is missing and requires technical knowledge to interpret its symbology. It is not intuitive. 3D maps overcome these limitations and allow for better communication at all stages of a project, as well as providing additional information that can be used for analysis.

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Geodatabase Development and Management

TDS works with clients who need help in managing their resources and/or facilities data. By analyzing the types of spatial and attribute information that is available or missing, we can set up databases to manage the data, create reports, and provide instructions that will allow them to manage their new database and use it to solve real-world problems.

Geospatial Analysis and Map Production

We also work with a customer to define and understand their spatial problems. By identifying and acquiring the appropriate site specific data, we can analyze and present the results in both digital format as well as hard-copy maps.

Data Processing and Conversion

Our team has the tools and expertise to process and convert geospatial datasets into usable information that can be used to improve the efficiency of the project, including LiDAR. We are a member of the Pipeline Open Data Standard (PODS) organization.

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